The Artist Behind Face Of Lazurah

February 13, 2015

Uniting cultures and styles has become the foundation behind the creation of the Lazurah brand. Our readers identify with the jewellery we produce and further feel closer to various cultures and tribes whilst indulging in these products. Anne Smerdon and her fabulous artwork do a similar thing; the whimsical folk-fantasy works reflect the unique and intricate design abilities that encourage her audience to engage further into other designs. Which is exactly why this gorgeous lady and her rich designs are the basis of our “Face of Lazurah” competition.

We are part of a generation that seeks instant gratification and success and Anne is the perfect example of someone who has achieved all this and deserves all the success she has made for herself. Anne is someone who knows the meaning of dedication and determination and shows that hard work always pays off. The originality of her work stands out from the rest and I can guarantee this wont be the last kind word someone speaks of this truly magnificent artist.

Anne Smerdon began dabbling into the world of art when she was a child spending a lot of her free time at her Nana’s Brahman cow and Arabian horse stud in Queensland. It is here where Anne’s creativity flourished where her inspiration for her work sprung from. The vibrant and rich experience she had there is what has then been the source of creation and obsession of depicting the co-existing relationship of humans and animals. What is her day-to-day inspiration you make ask? The answer to that is her real life muses.

The intricate details within each painting, her repetition and patterning, stem from her architecture background. Each masterpiece is a representation of her architecture detail, in some representing fashion, landscapes and animal personalities – all of which influence Anne’s work at the moment in time.  Her personality shines through her work as she is said to describe it as “visual narrations of the stories that live within her head”.

The artwork that is used for our “ Face of Lazurah” competition is the perfect example of a rustic, original and vibrant piece that captures perfectly the personality of the artist herself as well as her illustrations and brand.

The combination of differentiating personalities is exactly what makes this campaign striking to the audience of both Lazurah and Anne Smerdon.

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