Get Naked With NKD Body Products

April 20, 2015

We all know the dreaded feeling of a tight, achy and fatigued body. We all know what it’s like to want to spend an entire evening in the bath, cleansing with face masks, using body scrubs and hair masks until your entire body smells delicious and feels silky smooth. Lazurah believes that all our gypsies should show their bodies a little tender love and care, and is convinced that every girl deserves a little pampering here and there to treat herself (sometimes maybe every night – we work hard to deserve that at least!).

NKD body jumped out to Lazurah, and we knew we had to share it with all our like-minded followers. Coming across a brand that is 100 percent Australian owned, all natural and most importantly disapprove of testing on animals is hard to come by. NKD body is created by an Australian YouTuber, Brittany Saunders, and this beauty range fulfils every girls dreams: 1 coffee scrub, 1 mint scrub, 1 citrus hair mask and  1 clay mask. Each product equipped with its own hidden surprise of fragrance and elegance.

To leave you with an element of surprise we are only going to tell you about 3 of these delicious products.

Want to wake up feeling refreshed? Or do you have the urge to go to bed relaxed and silky smooth? NKD body’s mint scrub is ideal. Its dual purpose is what makes this scrub so important in every beauty routine. It gives off a rich mint smell to revive you in the morning before you leave your house feeling beautifully elegant yet, leaves you feeling fresh, relaxed and calm before you shut those wandering eyes at night. A subtle must have in any wandering beauties daily routine.

Do you have dry ends? Need to add a bit of hydration and nourishment in your hair? Wishing and praying to find a product that combats all your woes? Look no more because this NKD body citrus hair mask will have your hair feeling silky smooth, incredibly hydrated and nourished, soft to brush all whilst smelling like summer and delicious citrus cocktails.

Every one has a different face regime they stick to and very rarely step out of their comfort zone to try something new. I recommend you end your vicious cycle and indulge in a mask that makes all beauty products seem pointless. Suffer with redness? Suffer with oily or dry skin? Not only does this clay mask dry and sink into your skin to do its magic in record time, it also leaves your face feeling soft and clean. The result of trying this mask leaves any girls face feeling moisturised, clean, smooth as well as reducing any visible pores. Job well done in any girls book I’d say.

Point of this little rant you may ask? Purchase these little gems because you will have a revived, beautiful and replenished body to show the world – you deserve it!

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